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Philip E. Orbanes, The Game Makers Hardcover Book showing the history of the largest game maker in the world, Parker Brothers Games.

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THE GAME MASTERS - Hardcover Book

The Story of Parker Brothers from Tiddledy winks to Trivial Pursuit.

Author:  Philip E. Orbanes

In The Game Makers, Philip E. Orbanes, a game historian and former Parker Brothers executive, explores the often whimsical origins of popular games and toys - from the Monopoly Game to the Nerf ball to Ping-Pong and Sorry! It reveals how generations of determined entrepreneurs built a family business empire.  Orbanes takes us on a journey through the birth and maturation of the toy industry as seen through the eyes of its greatest legends.  Filled with insight and inspiration for entrepreneurs in any industry, The Game Makers reveals how the business of games - and the game of business - can be played for lasting success.

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